We invite senior citizens to join us for lunch at our downtown location Monday through Friday at

11:15 AM. If you are aged 60 or over, the suggested donation for lunch is $3.00. For our visitors under 60, the required cost is $5.50. 

We also have two other congregate sites - the Hi-Rise at 2746 Maple Avenue, Zanesville and the Bonnie Longaberger Senior Center in Dresden. Reservations are requested 24 hours in advance, and the suggested donation/cost is the same at all locations.


It is the policy of the Muskingum County Center for Seniors that NO HOMEMADE foods are permitted to be brought in for activities. Store-bought, pre-packaged items are allowed. Because of facility operates under a food license, this policy has been made to protect our guests as well as the security of our food license. Also, our agreement with the Area Agency on Aging prohibits outside lunch from being brought into the building.